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“In the future, I think we will increasingly see ourselves a part of a great continuum. We will have a much larger perspective and will see ourselves being part of something bigger than humanity and as part of the whole universe.”       - Space Shuttle astronaut Al Sacco, Jr.


'Expanding Planetary Awareness - Evolving Planetary Humans'
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Richard  Henry Whitehurst
Core Trainer & Facilitator

"Our programs are designed to bring forth

your powerful intrinsic capacities,

 your deep awareness and inner knowing

that exist beyond conventional categories

of belief, personal narratives, and mere

surface perceptions of objects."

The programs of PLANETARY HUMAN are structured to bring about a new re-contextualized cognition and a natural shifting of your worldview; from surface believing in a 'consensus reality' -

to deeper, viscerally felt categories of planetary awareness.


This change in perception, from the everyday scales of ordinary experiences to this felt-planetary-consciousness, generates fresh perspectives that motivate life-enhancing change in the arenas of human benefit, global and regional environmental sustainability, regeneration of the biosphere, and geo-political stability. You will come to know that we are all in this together!

As astronaut Ron Garan says,

“The Key is WE !”

"We are in the midst of a global crisis of perspective. We have forgotten the undeniable truth that everything is connected."
~ Planetary Collective

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.  


                   - Mary Oliver

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"The programs offered by Planetary Human are uniquely designed for your specific set of circumstances and requirements.

Programs range from our inspirational 30 minute introductions suitable for schools 

to more intensive programs of up to two days."

       *  Presentations for Schools

      * 'Vision-Keys' Training Seminars
*  Corporate Seminars / Webinars

      *  Group and Individual Change-work

      *  'Into A Regenerative Planetary-Consciousness'


For more about our programs: 

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The Primary Goals of our Transformational Programs: 

1. To reorient, deepen and expand personal and collective awareness: 

“Who and what am I as a human presence in relation to planet Earth as a whole?”

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Generates excitement - re-establishes a sense of awe and wonder - opens the mind to greater possibilities - births motivation - eliminates boredom - establishes a sense of belonging.

2. To foster skills that generate rapid change of internal feeling-states: 

“If I had this expanded perception of the Overview fully integrated throughout my body, mind and heart, how would that feel … and how might that change my actions in my daily life?” 

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Builds emotional intelligence - empowers individuals and groups - enhances relationships - facilitates team work - helps one to gain control over difficult emotional states such as fear, worry, sadness, anger, loss, shame, guilt, etc - promotes feelings of freedom and joy - builds intuition and personal awareness - opens up 'higher areas' of the brain (cortical-facilitation).

3. To assist in the discovery of one's unique life-direction as a planetary citizen:  

“What do I want to consciously create that deeply resonates with my core to make it a better world?” 

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Helps to overcome depression and anxiety and addictive behaviors - builds passion and motivation - maximizes individual and group performance - taps into deeper energy reserves - promotes health and general well-being.

4. To foster personal and collective 'response-ability': 

“How can I more consistently respond to challenges in life-enhancing ways?”

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Generates empathy - promotes healthy relationships - facilitates emotional maturity - connects individuals and groups to a ‘higher good’ - establishes resilience and balance - builds a sense of belonging - facilitates personal empowerment - promotes positive actions to make it a better world.

"I promise to help you gain greater awareness

of your profound planetary context to further catalyze your on-gonig evolution as an agent of life-affirming change within these unprecedented transitional times."

  ~ RHW

Video:  Earth from Space At Night ~ Beautiful!
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