Key 1 - The Planetary  Perspective

'The Overview Effect' is a powerful cognitive shift 
experienced by astronauts in space seeing planet Earth from the 'top-down.'
The Planetary Perspective as described here is developed from the 'bottom-up.'
It is for anyone who has not actually seen the Earth from the vantage point of space.
If you will familiarize yourself with the resources below and engage in the processes of the various Vision-Keys
found on this website, using your innate powers of imagination and extrapolation, you can initiate the beginnings
of a viscerally experienced Planetary Perspective - what some refer to as 'Overview-lite.'
It does take some work, focus, and persistence. Allow it to be tangibly life-changing!
Further - deeper:
This video will give you an excellent introduction
to the Planetary Perspective and the Overview Effect.
Video:  'Overview' - the Documentary
Further - deeper:
A direct transmission from Astronaut Ron Garan
VIDEO ~ the Orbital perspective 


To find out more about the OVERVIEW EFFECT  go to our sister website: 

Further - deeper:
Have a visceral introduction to the OVERVIEW EFFECT
by doing this 5 minute guided experience.
Full screen and headphones are suggested. Enjoy!
Further - deeper:
Further - deeper:
VIDEO: A year through the distant eyes of meteorological satellite Himawari-8. 
Be amazed by this hypnotic stream of Earth's beauty, fragility and atmospheric dynamics.

© 2017 Richard Henry Whitehurst

All photos of Earth from space are courtesy of NASA.

All quotes by astronauts courtesy of the books: (1) The Overview Effect by Frank White - and - (2) The Home Planet by Kevin W. Kelly.