Primary Awareness

The Recognition of Primary Awareness

Planetary Humans take time for regular, brief periods of releasing thoughts and allowing for the natural process of ‘simply being’ – resting as awareness – wherein we recognize and repose as reality’s most unassailable feature:
           'Immediate Primary Awareness'

"As we consistently allow brief periods of rest as this Foundational 'Under-view' Awareness, we discover that this Primary Awareness is utterly clear, luminous, beyond words and conceptions, rock-solid, without boundaries, timeless, a vast open dimension, intensely alive, and yet utterly still and silent."

Although words are used here to indicate Primary Awareness, language falls short. Words can only direct our attention to what’s always already existing. Words cannot encapsulate, identify, or define Primary Awareness – yet It Is ! Not awareness of ... but rather ~ simply ... AWARENESS.

Planetary Humans have both relaxation and replenishment by regular ‘re-cognition’ of Primary Awareness. This beautiful, vast, open-spaciousness of Immediate Presence-Awareness is always already right here, right now. It’s not to be attained in some future event. Through immediate recognition of Primary Awareness, stress is neutralised, people are unified, and conflict is resolved. Primary Awareness is unencumbered by subject/object dualism. It is intrinsically free of the construct that is generally accepted as 'self' by 'self'.  Knowing happens freely within Primary Awareness.

Just like the planetary overview, primary foundational under-view awareness has nothing to do with beliefs. It is totally free of all human categories, thoughts and beliefs. This simple access eventually brings about a deep paradigmatic shift in one’s identity, wherein the ‘everyday-social-safety-persona’ along with its story become the ‘artwork’ of a more real timeless-spaceless-non-conceptual Core-Self.



Reread the words above, then become still, eyes open or closed, breath unattended, allow consciousness to settle in the region of the heart as you ponder this question: 


“If I were to dissolve ... into the Pure Fact of Open-Clear Awareness ...  how would that be?”

Allow this hypothetical process-question to spread and permeate everything. Let go of control, effort and expectations. What remains is ... simply resting as perfectly still awareness. The volitional-language-mind now has an effortless opening to completely drift away leaving the flawless silence and stillness of pure, wide-open, cognising spaciousness ~ Primary Awareness.  Experiment and have fun with this process frequently. Notice any changes in perceptions, relationships and behaviours.  

video:  Primary awareness and the default mode network (dmn) ~ with Gary Weber Ph.d.

"You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it." 

 Apollo Astronaut  Edgar D. Mitchell 

Simple instructions for Primary Awareness Non-meditation:

"Don't project outwardly, don't concentrate inwardly, don't keep a state in between ... totally give up any mental effort ... "
                                                              ~Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

~ .... simply resting as awareness .... ~                                                                                                                                     

 'Being aware of being aware'

Without going into memory,

where is the 'I'

that is aware of being aware?

"Once formed, a reflective center can no longer change except by involution upon itself."
- Teilhard de Chardin

The birds have vanished into the sky,
and now the last cloud drains away.


We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.

~ Li Po

© 2017 Richard Whitehurst

All photos of Earth from space are courtesy of NASA.

All quotes by astronauts courtesy of the books: (1) The Overview Effect by Frank White - and - (2) The Home Planet by Kevin W. Kelly.