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What is a Planetary Human?

A PLANETARY HUMAN is someone who has understood

 cognitively, emotionally, and viscerally that Earth is a natural spaceship

and that each one of us is a crew member on 'Spaceship Earth'

and we are each responsible to maintain, and regenerate

where necessary, the life-support systems of this beautiful planet.

Other life-affirming concerns
and actions naturally and
spontaneously emerge from this
foundational awareness.

“You become more of a global citizen."  


- Astronaut Mark Garneau

Video:  A Powerful Direct Transmission from an Astronaut
On this website you can learn and practice
The11 Planetary Human Vision-Keys
a collection of approaches, orientations, and frameworks
that can powerfully and positively change your life

The 11 Vision Keys Build Life-Affirming Relationships
The crucial significance of Relationship permeates every aspect of the 11 Vision Keys.

* Adopting The Planetary Perspective to catalyze sustainable/regenerative living
* Celebrating Human and Biological Diversity from the unity of Intrinsic Awareness
* Establishing a Global Empathic Civilization and sense of Planetary-Citizenship
* Living more from the Heart and effecting change through Resonant Causation
* Living in states of Awe while remaining open to novel Life-Affirming Possibilities
* Living in process both Mythically and Purposefully
* Deepening your Nature Connection to the variegated aspects of the biosphere

   For more information about specific workshops:
Richard Henry Whitehurst
Planetary Human Founder/Director
International Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

"I promise to help you gain greater awareness

of your profound planetary context to further catalyze

your on-going evolution as an agent of life-affirming change

within these unprecedented transitional times."  RHW


"When I first looked back at the Earth,

    standing on the Moon, I cried.” 

— Astronaut Alan Shepard

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A brief history of the concept 'Planetary Human'
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The term ‘planetary human’ was first conceptualized by one of the 20th century’s great spiritual visionaries and scientists:
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

On April 4th 1955, only days before his death, in one of the last brief entries in his personal diary, he uses this expression as he elaborates upon the concepts of "neo-humanism" or the "ultra-Human" and from elsewhere, "the planetization of Mankind". There one encounters his concluding expression:

'The Planetary Human'

 "Fully evolved (= the planetary-phyletic / the planetary human)"
Video:  Direct Transmission from Astronauts about the Planetary Perspective

"Suddenly you get a feeling

that you've never had before,

that you're an inhabitant of Earth.

You don't look down at the world

as an American,

but as a human being."

- Tom Stafford : Apollo 10.

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"An individual endowed with planetary consciousness

recognizes his or her role in the evolutionary process and acts responsibly in light of this perception. Each of us must start with himself or herself to evolve his or her consciousness to this planetary dimension; only then can we become responsible and effective agents of our societies' change and transformation.


Planetary consciousness is the knowing as well as the feeling of the vital interdependence and essential oneness of humankind, and the conscious adoption of the ethics and the ethos that this entails."

Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness

First publication: March 1997  Revised version: February 2003: 

Dr. Ervin Laszlo et al.

Astronaut's Direct Transmission about attaining Planetary Consciousness and its emotional impact
How can you begin to feel deeper belonging and connection
through your unique, authentic expressions of Self-hood
in the creation of life-affirming value for the benefit of all ?
See: Planetary Human Vision-Keys
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