"Awakening is the awakening of the intelligence-of-the-heart... If we give it preponderance over cerebral intelligence, over the mental, it will tell us everything, for it is the intelligence of the universe." 
~ R A Schwaller de Lubicz

Heart-Based Intelligence

More and more people are becoming aware of the limitations of a purely cerebral mode of cognition, a way of functioning that seems to granulate experience into countless fragments. This kind of pervasive and fragmenting cognitive style amplifies our neglect and abuse of nature and of each other, and it produces our familiar world of alienated persons, and disconnected places and things. Poet William Wordsworth stated this dilemma succinctly, ‘We murder to dissect.’


PLANETARY HUMAN encourages a deepening of our connection to our hearts, which results in a more integrative synthesis of our sensory data, as differing from the pervasive and disintegrative process of mere analysis. This heart connection is as literal as it is metaphoric. Heart-connecting practices can powerfully augment our conceptions and perceptions in our approach to and experiences of the Planetary Overview.

In spiritual traditions down through the ages the heart-centre has held special significance. Yogic adepts named this apparently transpersonal presence by using Sanskrit terms such as isvara – divine controller, and paramatma – higher Self. And shamanic practitioners from around the world with their more ancient methods have also frequently stated that their ‘inner guide’ resides in the region of the heart.

"Only the one who meditates on the Heart can remain aware when the mind ceases to be active and remains still, whereas those who meditate on other centres cannot be so aware but infer that the mind was still only after it becomes again active."                                                                                                                                                                  - Sri Ramana Maharishi

Danish anthropologist Kund Rasmussen quotes the Eskimo shaman Najagneq,    

"The inua – the Soul of the cosmos that dwells in the heart – has a gentle voice like a woman's voice,   a voice so fine and gentle that even children can not become disturbed by it.
What it says is, ‘Be not afraid of the universe.’”  

Michael Harner Ph.D. in his classic work on shamanism, The Way of the Shaman, states,   “...throughout the world the most frequent location of the shaman's ‘guardian’ is in the chest.”

The great psychologist of the 20th century C. G. Jung stated,

     “The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you like the green seed from the dark earth ... In each of us there is another whom we do not know.”

PLANETARY HUMAN offers training in the integrative practices of heart-focused awareness. Modern scientifically validated methods of heart-focused awareness have been shown to reveal forms of non-local intuition that are the essence of the heart’s intelligence. These methods have also been shown to ‘marry’ the heart and the brain thus establishing coherent states of resilience and cortical facilitation enabling us to respond to life’s challenges, as differing from more common states of reactivity.  

"Real ideas open the mind to the heart, to the heart of the mind, to another level of reality within ourselves… This is the taste, the beginning, of inner freedom. Only fools imagine that freedom means getting what one happens to desire. Real freedom begins with obedience to a higher influence — a higher, finer energy within oneself."

- Jacob Needleman

 Here are 7 different things you can do to deepen your heart connection:

1. Set your intention to centre consciousness in the heart.

2. Tap the centre of the chest lightly 5 to 6 times to activate heart focus.

3. Place either hand over the area of the heart to 'be with your heart.'

4. Carry awareness of the heart 'on the breath' into the heart area.

5. Sense your heart viscerally as it is beating in your chest and rest in the rhythm.

6. Synchronise breathing to your heartbeats  ~ start with 4 beats in and 4 beats out.

7. Remember a beautiful emotional experience. Breathe that emotion into the heart  

Heart-centring practices

VIDEO: Chief research scientist at HeartMath Institute Rollin McCraty discusses non-local intuition.

Heart  &  Brain

“As human consciousness orients itself in different locations in the

body, its mode of cognition changes as well.”

- Stephen Harrod Buhner

"The true art of the warrior is balancing the terror of being a man

with the wonder of being a man.”

- Carlos Castaneda

B ~ Analytical Brain – ‘Logos’

H ~ Intuitive Heart – ‘Mythos’

B - Reactive cognitive system

H - Contemplative feeling system

B - Hurry to arrive / Doing based / ‘Languaged’

H - Comfort in being / Connection based / Wordless

B - Universe is unfriendly - world is against self

H - Universe is friendly - world supports self

B - Searches for differences that strengthen separation

H - Finds similarities that strengthen attraction

B - Terror of being - mortality phobic

H - Wonder of being - life embracing

B - Duality perspective: 'Either/Or' orientation to life

H - Unity perspective: 'Both/And' orientation to life

B - Linear causation

H - Resonant causation

B - Works to change people

H - Works to change orientations - listens, receives, open to others

B - Win/Lose - perpetual readiness

H - Win/Win

B - Fighter/victim/struggler: controlling - blaming –mistrusting

H – Co-operator: allowing - accommodating - trusting

B - Eyes grasping / possessive

H - Eyes relaxed / receptive

B - Seeks transcendence/salvation

H - Ease in simple being-ness ~ inscendent

B - Disconnects from the natural world

H - Connects to the natural world

(Some of the ideas in this list are from 'The Heart's Code' by Paul Pearsall PhD)

"The heart beating in the chest is pure nature and differs from conceptual-linear thought.

Be with that compelling Heart-presence.

Listen lovingly for its wisdom and its guidance " 

The Primacy of the Heart in Dzogchen 
Via Jackson Peterson

The “heart center” in Dzogchen

is where the most essential nature of rigpa resides. 

Thogal teachings also state that ground rigpa shines from the heart

upwards through the light channels at the eyes.

In the highest Dzogchen teachings of Yangthig, the final vision in Dark Retreat is a retraction of consciousness into the Buddha of Light,

Amitabha, at the heart center. 

Longchenpa wrote that the first emanation arises from the heart

and locates in the skull as a thigle of pure awareness;

the “Nature of Mind” (Sem Nyid). Within the crystal clear Sem Nyid,

arises and appears the karmic mind as “sem”. 

The “Nature of Mind” (Sem Nyid) is the Sambhogakaya emanation that arises from the actual, permanent Dharmakaya Ground (Zhi), at the Heart center. 

So, the idea is to retract extended consciousness, back into its essence at the heart. Karmic mind (sem) dissolves into the “Nature of Mind” in the skull,

and “Sem Nyid” retracts down into the Heart center.

This can occur during the famous “direct introduction to rigpa”. 

Following and during this retraction (rulog),

the physical body energetically dissolves into the light at the heart. 

Sem Nyid is like a clear crystal sphere of awareness in the skull,

and the images, thoughts and sense of self as karmic mind (sem),

appear in it like a holographic tv show. 

When consciousness drops into the heart,

the mind, thoughts and personal self

become absent. 

© 2017 Richard Whitehurst

All photos of Earth from space are courtesy of NASA.

All quotes by astronauts courtesy of the books: (1) The Overview Effect by Frank White - and - (2) The Home Planet by Kevin W. Kelly.