Key 7 - Being a Possibilian

 This orientation can help you enter into new categories of freedom !

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position,
but certainty is an absurd position.” 
- Voltaire
Remaining open to possibilities is different from believing in one 'version' of reality. 
A 'POSSIBILIAN' is someone who can be aware of multiple versions or 'stories' about 'the real' while at the same time understanding that any abstraction derived from something,
or a reaction to it, is not the thing itself. Describing something in any language,
including mathematical language, is never the reality itself.
Planetary Humans remain open to the deficiencies of the human sensory systems,
and abide in an understanding that with broader and deeper categories of 'knowing'
come ever more challenging and perplexing categories of Mystery.
When carefully studied one finds that emotion is the primary adhesive that glues one to a
particular viewpoint.  The pride so often found in adherents to the scientific method can blind these individuals to the fact that the human mind cannot and will never be able
to encapsulate the totality of reality.
As scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski stated as early as 1931, "the map is not the territory" and
"the word is not the thing." Science, based always on limited evidence, and religions, based on sketchy historical accounts and ancient texts written in nearly dead languages, will always result in fragmentary and incomplete stories and little more than that. The scientific method and the practices of religions
will yield their results, but as in the story about a question posed to the  Buddha - when asked
if there was anything after 'enlightenment' even he had to concede,
" Veil after veil after veil.

A posture and attitude of openness to what is, and to what might be or could be, becomes the pathway back to the realms of spontaneous living once experienced in childhood, but now imbued with the
capacities of the rational mind and the responsiveness of the emotionally mature 'spiritual adult'.
If the human enterprise continues for the next few centuries, who could possibly believe that the
consensus version of reality that we are currently running, be it scientific or religious,
will be the same version used in that future scenario?
Process Question:
"If I let go of the familiar,
and became completely open to new
and transformative possibilities,
what would that be like?"
"Being A Possibillian emphasizes the exploration of new, unconsidered possibilities. Being a possibilian is comfortably holding multiple ideas in mind; it is not interested in
committing to any particular story."

"It is an active exploration of new ideas and a comfort with the scientific temperament of creativity and holding multiple hypothesizes in mind."


~ David Eagleman PhD

"I  dwell  in  possibilities." 

                                     - Emily Dickinson

This way of being inclines one toward a life-affirming embrace
of 'BOTH/AND' as differing from a rigid outdated, conflict and separation-inducing orientation of exclusivity - of 'EITHER/OR'.
Planetary Humans remain open to different frames of reference and
we find ways to include and celebrate diversity as 'elements of enrichment in limitless field(s) of Mystery'.
Video:  Cognitive Neuroscientist Donald Hoffman on Perceiving 'Reality'
Embrace Mystery!

© 2017 Richard Henry Whitehurst

All photos of Earth from space are courtesy of NASA.

All quotes by astronauts courtesy of the books: (1) The Overview Effect by Frank White - and - (2) The Home Planet by Kevin W. Kelly.